Bold Spring UMC doesn't allow small size to hinder big work for the Kingdom


   You have probably never heard of Bold Spring. It is not even in a town. On the North Georgia Website it says that we are in Carnesville, but that is not technically true. We are a church surrounded by chicken and cattle farms. There is a volunteer fire department, and an old schoolhouse where we have Bar-B-Ques and cake walks. But other than that, we have the United Methodist Church.
Bold Spring United Methodist Church is a church that takes its call to be a community church to heart. Whenever we have an event, every person is welcome. If anyone in the community ever needs to meet, our church is open. Our children’s program is completely run by volunteers, and we have 20-30 kids show up every time the doors are open. But what is important about this church is that lives are being changed.
Many churches have pictures on the walls of their past ministers. Bold Spring is starting a project to put up pictures of all the ministers who received their call to ministry as members of this church. There are 14 ministers who have come from Bold Spring United Methodist Church!
Many churches put up quilts; Bold Spring puts up tapestries of children’s art as they come through our doors, whether through Vacation Bible School, children’s programs, or Sunday School. So the lives of the children are put on the walls.
But what is even more amazing is the change that is happening in this church. Many churches build family life centers to house programs for their church members. Bold Spring is building a “Community Life Center.” To be a place where all members of the community can come. To Interact through sports leagues. To be a place where moms of young children can come and interact while their children play. To be a place where the farmers can come for breakfast and swap stories and advice with one another.
So while you may not have ever heard of it, or would know how to find it; Bold Spring United Methodist Church is a church that takes its call to discipleship seriously. As a small congregation in the North Georgia Conference that is doing big things for the Kingdom of God. And it is our hope that through this project and this culture, our small congregations will begin to imagine what God can do through them as well.
Rev. Jordan Thrasher is pastor of Bold Springs UMC in Carnesville (or very close to it). He can be reached by email at

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