Smothers joins the Office of Connectional Ministries staff


The Office of Connectional Ministries welcomes its newest Associate Director to the team, Rev. Jasmine Smothers.  Jasmine steps into the staff position most recently held by Dr. Renita Thomas who has assumed the
role of Senior Pastor at Wesley Chapel UMC in McDonnough.
“Jasmine brings a highly charged energy to the team,” reports Rev. Micheal Selleck, director of the team.  He adds, “There are many motivated people in the church.  What distinguishes Jasmine is her passion and drive are not rooted in her own advancement but the good of the conference overall.  It’s the kind of energy we can all grow from and with.”
Jasmine is a “preachers kid” and has spent her life in the United Methodist churches of this conference.  She grew up in parsonages and among the leadership of this place.  She is not only aware of our history and politics, she has been part of it and active in shaping it.
Jasmine is one of the people who has earned her way to the national scene of church ministry and decision making. Se has a better grasp of the Wider Connection than most.  
Selleck adds, “She is very high functioning with detail and
follow through.  She can think on her feet in committee work, preach with depth and wisdom, and effuses grace even in the most grumpy situations.  She will excel here for the good of all.”
  Jasmine will begin as the primary coordinator of the five conference ministry teams: Advocacy, Nurture, Outreach, Parish Life, and Worship and Witness.  She will also manage programs around ethnic concerns and eventually reach into the field of small membership church support.
 Jasmine is available for local church training, support and consultation.  You can contact her at