Volunteer now to serve on Conference Leadership Teams 2012-2016 Quadrinium


It is time to begin selecting members of the boards and committees that will serve for the 2012-2016 Quadrinium, and the nominations committee needs you—to indicate your willingness to serve or to encourage possible leaders to complete the online Interest Form.
Between now and Oct. 15, the North Georgia Annual Conference will accept online Interest Forms from all persons (laity and clergy, persons serving in positions now and those who want to serve in the future) willing to serve.  
“The Conference is committed to electing an inclusive, resourceful and committed leadership team who have vision, leadership skills and a passion for the work of the particular board or committee on which they serve,” said Mike Selleck, director of Connectional Ministries. 
Pastors, district superintendents, district nominating committees, and laity can help with the process by recruiting and identifying persons in local churches who need to submit an Interest Form for leadership in the annual conference. 
“Our task is to discover the best persons possible to be considered for leadership of the annual conference boards, committees, agencies, etc,” Selleck explained.
Find the form at www.ngumc.org/leadership and submit by October 15, 2011.

Steps in the Leadership Selection Process
I.   IDENTIFICATION—Clergy and laity who want to be considered for election to any conference leadership position must identify themselves as potential candidates for leadership by submitting an Interest Form.  Persons who do not fill out an Interest Form will not be considered for election.  Information about submitting an Interest Form will also be in the Wesleyan Christian Advocate.  The Interest Form can be found on the conference website at www.ngumc.org/leadership 
October 15, 2011 is the deadline for submitting Interest Forms.  
II.  NOMINATION—The District Committee on Nominations will receive and evaluate Interest Forms and coordinate the nominations process with the Conference Committee on Nominations.  The Conference Committee on Nominations will submit a slate of nominees (committee and board chairs and members) to the 2012 Annual Conference.  

III. ELECTION—The annual conference will elect the leadership team for the 2012-2016 Quadrennium at the annual conference in June, 2012.

IV. TRAINING—After annual conference in 2012, training will be given to the committee and board chairpersons.  A day of training will be planned also for all committee and board members to interpret the work and mission of the board or committee on which they were elected.  The training will be in the Fall of 2012.

V.  SERVING—The newly elected and trained conference leaders will begin to provide leadership to the boards, committees, positions, etc. of the annual conference on July 1, 2012.