EcoEternity Forest at Glisson to be consecrated in November


During Annual Conference 2011, the North Georgia Annual Conference gave permission to the Glisson Board to set aside a portion of the Glisson property as an EcoEternity Forest ... thereby preserving a portion of Glisson’s property by allowing families to provide an ecologically-friendly and peaceful resting place for their loved ones.

You are invited to attend the Consecration Ceremony for Glisson’s EcoEternity Forest on Monday, November 14.  Bishop Mike Watson, resident Bishop of the North Georgia Conference, will be present to help consecrate this new venture into the life-long Christian ministry which Glisson represents.

“As Glisson approaches 100 years of ministry, we have become increasingly aware of our deep connection with multiple generations of families,” said Russell Davis, Glisson director. “The EcoEternity Forest at Glisson reaffirms our life-long relationships with the families and individuals we serve, and creates an opportunity to be in ministry with new families at a significant point in their lives.”

An EcoEternity Forest is an alternative burial concept.  Memorial trees are chosen as a final resting place for the cremated ashes of individuals, families or friends. A tree interment preserves natural forests protecting them from clear-cutting and development for an extended period of time.

In contrast to a traditional scattering of ashes, a tree provides a living memorial.  It can be visited, shared and photographed.  A specific location may be very important for those who want to share rememberances.

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