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Spiritual Formation Before, During & After Short Term Mission Trips
Idea: As a mission team leader, God has appointed you as the shepherd for the group you will lead. It’s easy to be focused on the preparation and tasks necessary to complete a project before traveling to the mission field. In addition, you only have so much time in the mission field and you really want to finish your anticipated project. But God is in the business of growing disciples. God is not the least concerned about whether you finish the last coat of paint on the new chapel. In this session, we will share some of the best practices which will increase the spiritual growth of your team members before, during, and after your short term mission trip. As a result, you will return home with a group of more mature disciples for Jesus. 
Faculty: Jeff Jernigan


Worship Design with Marcia McFee

November 13  | Lewis Memorial UMC, Augusta  | 3 to 6 p.m.
Join Marcia McFee, worship designer for General Conference, for an afternoon discusion on worship design at Lewis Memorial UMC in the Augusta District.

November 16  | Douglasville First UMC  | 8:30 a.m. t0 3 p.m.
Join Marcia McFee, Worship Designer for General Conference, for a Worship Workshop at Douglasville First UMC.  This is an excellent event for your worship team to attend as a group. 
Oct 18
-Gammon Theological Seminary’s 128th Founders’ Day
- Workable Evangelism

Oct 22 
-Parish Life Team Meeting

Oct 23
-Aldersgate / Collinswood Special Offering
-SL (ignite)

Nov 3
-Deadline for North Georgia Peace With Justice Grant

Nov 11
-Advocacy Team Meeting 

Nov 13
-Action Ministries Sunday
-Worship Design: An Afternoon with Marcia McFee (Augusta)

Nov 15
-Conference Board of Laity Meeting

Nov 16
-Worship Design with Marcia McFee (Douglasville)

Nov 30
-Outreach Team Meeting

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Disaster Response trainings offered across North Georgia

More than a dozen training opportunities have been offered this fall. Call the contact person listed with the training to register. Find cost and other information at

Oct 29 - UMCOR ERT
Carrollton FUMC  
Martha Thurman  

Oct 29 - UMCOR ERT
Rock Springs UMC  
Bert Nichols  

Nov 5 - Church Preparedness
Carrollton FUMC
Martha Thurman