Dr. Fred Smoot to leave Emory Clergy Care


Dr. Fred Smoot, director of Emory Clergy Care, is leaving to take another position as Manager of Clinical Pastoral Education at Methodist Hospital of Southern California. The change will be effective January 5, 2012.
When asked about the upcoming change, Dr. Smoot states “My wife Carol and I are excited to reconnect with her family and friends at this right time in our lives.”
Smoot went on to add a note of assurance stating “Emory Clergy Care will continue to serve ministers, their families and other clients as it has for the past twenty five years.”
A transition plan has been developed so that all services will continue uninterrupted.
Continuing programs include all the psychological testing, pastoral counseling, Emory Healthcare access (including Stiles Bradley Fund administration) and clinical pastoral education services currently in place.
Clergy and their families can make their appointments with the Emory Clergy Care office as usual by calling 678.924.9260 or 866.394.9330.  Information on emory Clergy Care can be found at www.emoryclergycare.org.