New feature to spotlight local church


      Would you like to see your church featured in an upcoming edition of the North Georgia Advocate? Now is your chance.
     We will soon be launching a new feature, Church Spotlight, which will appear in each edition of the North Georgia Advocate, until it doesn’t.
     The floor is open for nominations.
       There is only one criterion to qualify for Church Spotlight: Your church needs to be in the North Georgia Conference. Size, age, shape, or color does not matter. Neither does the number of subscriptions you have to the Advocate (well, it might be a used as a subtle tiebreaker if all else is equal, but who would ever know?).
    There are approximately 930 churches in our conference. And every one has a unique history, congregation, surrounding community, and story. Lots of stories. We want to hear those stories and we want to share them.
    Is there a new mission effort your church has undertaken recently? Is there a long-term ministry your church has championed? Does your church’s sanctuary have a notable history or is there a special story among your staff or volunteers?
    Let us know.
   To make a suggestion for Church Spotlight, e-mail me at or send a note to: The North Georgia Advocate - NGUMC, 4511 Jones Bridge Circle, Norcross, GA 30092