Grace UMC Covington gets back in the Bible for 2012


   The laity at Grace, Covington has taken a new twist to the Reading through the Bible program with Bishop Watson.  Last year we had six people complete the Bible reading.  
     Somehow, they always seem to get off track before they get to the New Testament.  This year we decided to start with the New Testament on Jan. 1. We should finish with Revelation on March 31, and then we will start with Genesis on April 1, and finish with Malachi on Dec. 31.  
     We are excited about this adjustment in our reading.  We know that it is important that we build a personal relationship with Jesus and how best to do that than studying his word.
 Adults like to be rewarded for their achievements as well as the children, last year we gave a heart shape pin with a cross and foot prints on it to the six ladies who achieved the goal of completing their Bible Reading. 
 The children and youth are asked to read the New Testament between January and June.  We hold a Bible Bowl in July with question on the New Testament.  The children and youth have the opportunity to participate in some type of bible study at least twice a week.  
     We have partnered with another United Methodist Church in the community for Disciple 1 Bible Study.   The class will be concluding in March.  We have set up 11 week sections with a break between each section. Some time as adults our schedules can get very busy and this allows us to have some time to recharge spiritually.  God is good and we thank him for the opportunity to study his word with a group of church going believer.