Boomer ministry, enjoying aging to be topics at Older Adult event


“At one time our image of getting older was to sit down in a rocking chair,” said Rev. Rick Gentzler, director of the Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries for the General Board of Discipleship. “While society today still wants to enjoy aging, people in retirement are reinventing themselves, reengaging, finding new meaning and new purpose in life.”
Gentzler will be the keynote speaker at the annual North Georgia Conference Older Adult event March 29 at Simpsonwood Retreat Center, speaking on the topic “Aging is a Changin’”.  
The event features a seminar with workshops on financial needs of older adults, finding local resources and telling your story.
Older adults, all clergy, and leaders who work with older adult ministries are invited to register. 
While Gentzler will speak about aging today, when many can expect to live 20 to 30 years after retirement, he’ll also talk about what this means for the church. 
“Only 38 percent of Baby Boomers participate in a church today,” explained Gentzler. 
That’s down from more than 50 percent 20 years ago. Gentzler will discuss how to reach the over 50 population.
“Rethinking church isn’t only necessary to attract young people,” he said.
In addition to his work with the Center on Aging and Older Adult Ministries, Gentzler is nationally recognized as a teacher, writer, and leader in the field of aging and older-adult ministries.
His latest book is Aging & Ministry in the 21st Century: An Inquiry Approach.
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