Have news to share? Let us know about it


 There is much news to share across the North Georgia Conference in these busy days. The 2012 General Conference, to be held in Tampa, is rapidly approaching. Then, after Annual Conference is held in June in Athens, will be the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference with numerous bishops selected.
And, as usual, there are various stories and news items – large and small – happening all across our conference. We do not want any of your news to get lost in the mountain of information.
We are eager to share stories of successful ministry efforts for two reasons: to celebrate the victories and provide helpful ideas to other churches. We are a connectional system and everyone benefits by sharing information.
Here are a few reminders and helpful hints to get your news published in the North Georgia Advocate:
We work on the Advocate well in advance of publication date. We need submissions two weeks ahead of publication date. The Advocate is published twice a month, on the first and third Friday. Deadline to submit photos or news items is two weeks prior to publication date.
So, deadline for content for the April 6 edition is March 23. Deadline for the April 20 edition is April 6.
The most efficient way to submit copy and photos is to e-mail them to: glenn@ngumc.org. You can also mail submissions to: North Georgia Advocate, 4511 Jones Bridge Circle, Norcross, GA. 30092.
When applicable, include plenty of names with your items. The more the better. When submitting a photograph, please identify as many people as possible.
We require high resolution photos for print publication. When e-mailing photos, please send them as large files, preferably 300 DPI (dots per inch). Many photos sent by e-mail are set at 72 DPI, which is not high enough quality for print publication (though it is fine for a website).
We don’t give preference to news from large churches. The Advocate has never rejected a news item because a church is too small.
As part of our mission, we focus almost exclusively on news and events happening in north Georgia, involving north Georgia churches and people. Broader church topics involving national and international issues are more applicable for publication in the UM Reporter.
It is our standard practice not to publish book reviews.
Glenn Hannigan is editor of the North Georgia Advocate. If you have any other questions about the Advocate, or news to share, e-mail him at glenn@ngumc.org.