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 Generosity Game Plan
Idea: Every church needs a generosity game plan. We have strategic plans for most of our programs and ministries in our churches, but many do not have one for generosity and stewardship. At the conclusion of the workshop you will have at least 3 immediate actions to implement as well as 3 long range actions. All of the items are designed to help your people become more generous will ALL of their resources; including their finances. 
Alan Wildes
Upcoming Events
March 23
March 24
NGC Delegation Listening Session
 March 29
Older Adult Event
 April 12
Advocacy Team Meeting
 April 14
NGC Delegation Meeting
Nurture Team Meeting
 April 15
AROS District Training Event
 April 21
UMVIM Missions Training
 April 24 - May 4
General Conference 2012
 May 6
License to Preach School begins
 May 12
Glisson: Summer Camp Open House
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