VitalSigns dashboard tally begins


Dear Pastors,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Welcome to VitalSigns - the new weekly dashboard ministry of the United Methodist Church! Each Monday, beginning on April 2, your church will receive an invitation to answer a few questions. This email will come to your email address from Please put this email address ( into your email contacts to prevent the invitation from going into the spam/junk folder.

The emailed web link will take you to a page that will request the following information:

•Total worship attendance at all regularly-held weekly services (this week)
•Total number of persons received into the church by profession of faith (this week)
•Total number of baptisms (this week)
•Total number of persons actively engaged in small groups (this week - count each person only once)
•Total number of persons from the congregation engaged in local, national and international mission/outreach (this week)
•Total number of persons served by your congregation (this week)
•The total amount given by local church to other organizations for support of benevolent and charitable ministries (this week)
•Total offering received this week through pledges and offerings

Trainings offered to help you report

The Office of Connectional Ministries and your District Office are available to help guide you in this process. Connectional Ministries will host training sessions to help facilitate this process. They will be held on: 

March 28 @ 10am
March 28 @ 2pm
April 2 @ 2pm
April 2 @ 7pm
April 19 @ 2pm & 7pm

You can attend via your computer or at the United Methodist Center. Please go to to register for one of the webinars. Feel free to invite others on your team to participate as well.

In the meantime, click here for a step by step guide on to how to use the VitalSigns website. No usernames or passwords are needed. Just click on the unique web link that is emailed to you each week to enter your church’s page.

I realize that your plate is already full. I appreciate your willingness to integrate this useful ministry tool in the midst of your already fell schedules. I would encourage you to get a team to contribute to this process. When you fully participate in the second quarter (April-July), your District Superintendent will remove the requirement for your church’s second quarter Evangelism report.

Thank you for your participation in VitalSigns! Feel free to contact your District Office or email if you have questions or need assistance. We have been testing VitalSigns in North Georgia for several months now. We are already hearing great feedback about how VitalSigns is being used, in local congregations, to have new and different conversations about congregational vitality! Once you try VitalSigns out, please let us know how things are going.

Grace and peace,
Mike Watson
Resident Bishop       
North Georgia Episcopal Area
The United Methodist Church