Bright Ideas: Praying for the neighbors; Door hangars


Bright Idea: Praying for the Neighbors
As part of Aldersgate UMC’s 50th anniversary celebration, the Augusta church is praying for its neighbors and distributing door hangers to more than 700 homes to let them know they are being prayed for.
Small groups will walk through the neighborhoods in the immediate vicinity of the church and place a door hanger on each residence. The two-sided hanger includes a prayer, a picture of the church, worship times, and the address of the church.
“This evangelism effort is intended to offer ministry and witness rather than marketing,” said pastor Rev. John Pinson.  “At the same time, it presents an opportunity for us as a church to renew Aldersgate’s presence in the local community and practice the Great Commission.”
Door hanger message:
Dear Community Resident,
We are in your neighborhood today to simply bless each home with this prayer: 
Dear Lord, 
Bless this house and all who live here. Protect them from harm and sickness, and meet all their needs according to  your goodness. Pour out your blessings upon them and their families. Let each person who hoes here know that you love them and wont them to be a part of the marvelous work you are doing in our Community. 
In Jesus’ name  Amen.