Q&A with Alice Rogers


Name: Alice Rogers
Role: Clergy delegate
Appointment: Faculty, Candler School of Theology
Legislative Committee: Ministry and Higher Education

Q: Your legislative committee is Ministry and Higher Education. How is it going in there?
A: It’s going well. Yesterday we elected officers. This morning, after a devotional, we re-read the rules of how we are going to order ourselves. Just now we divided into three subcommittees and are organizing those. It’s a deliberate process. It sound tedious, but you really have to be well-organized before you can begin to holy conference.    
Q: What are some of the issues that your legislative committee is looking at?
A: We look at the study of ministry petitions, due process … and the subcommittee I’m on looks at petitions which refer to the candidacy process, theological higher education, the University Senate, and the Ministerial Education Fund.   
Q: Tell me about the Ministerial Education Fund (MEF).
A: That is an apportioned piece of the budget that is divided between annual conferences and our 13 United Methodist seminaries for the education of theological students.  This year, our committee and other legislative committees will look at a new formula on how MEF funds will be divided. 
Q: You all are talking about deep issues that shape our Church’s theological education.
A: They are deep and important issues.  I feel like my role is to help make sure that we continue to increase the quality and authenticity of higher education. I feel very honored and humbled to help do this. 
Q: It seems that the work of General Conference can be heavy at times.  Where do you find some levity?
A: One way is to connect with people from different conferences and delegations. For me, that really lightens the mood. But the biggest thing that helps me is reading tweets because most are light-hearted and fun. 
Q: Are you able to find any quiet time here?
A: My quiet time is back in the hotel room. Jane Brooks is my roommate.  She and I have roomed together for the last three General Conferences.  We debrief and have fallen into a nice pattern of how to be silent together in the same room.  In my quiet time each morning I like to read Common Prayer: a Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.  That helps ground me and helps get my day started.       
To read more about Alice, please find her bio here.