GC2012 Volunteer Marshall from North Georgia


Name: Rev. Catherine Boothe
Role: Volunteer Marshall
Appointment: Northside UMC / Deacon in Full Connection

The Rev. Catherine Boothe has spent most of her 32 years being nurtured in the North Georgia Conference.

“I was raised in the church and have spent my life in this conference,” she said. “I went to Camp Glisson in the summer and was active in UMYF. I attended Young Harris and went on to seminary at Candler. And now I serve at Northside UMC.”

Boothe, eager to grow in her knowledge and experience in the church, volunteered to spend two weeks serving at General Conference. Boothe is working long days, sometimes well into the evening, serving as a marshall.

“Basically, the role of a marshall is to help maintain the integrity of the process by checking credentials and making sure visitors do no end up in places reserved for delegates.” Boothe said.

In addition, the volunteer marshalls – 40 in all – are expected to answer questions and maintain a spirit of hospitality to delegates and non-delegates alike.

This is the first General Conference that Boothe has attended. In her free time, she has been visiting various sessions and keeping her eyes and ears open.

“This is a great educational opportunity,” she said. “And my church is encouraging and supporting me in this effort.

“I am most interested in how the church is engaging and empowering young people. I am one of the 5 percent of clergy who are under age 35. When you look around the room, and our own delegation from North Georgia, you see how few young clergy members are serving as delegates. How is the church going to make young clergy effective? We talk about it a great deal but coming up with solutions is not easy.”