Q&A with Sharma Lewis


Name: Sharma Lewis
Role: Clergy Delegate
Appointment: Atlanta Decatur Oxford District Superintendant
Legislative Committee: Faith and Order

Q: What was the Act of Repentance worship service like for you last night?
A: I thought that it was a very moving service.  One thing that was most profound for me was one of the speakers reminding us that repenting — or the act of repentance — is an ongoing thing. He said that we have to consistently repent. 
Q: Do you think that apologizing is important?
A: It is important.  As humans, I think that we can easliy forget things.  We really have to keep things in front of us.  Repenting is a continuous process.  For some, it can be easy to forget about the terrible things that we do, and have done, to our brothers and sisters.  I think the reason that we have services like this at each General Conference is to remind us of some of our painful history ... so that we won't repeat it. 
Q: Do you think that discrimination still exists in the church?
A: I’m sorry to say it, but yes.  There are all types of discrimination that happen at every level of our church.  I hope that it will end one day, and we are working toward that, but we have to remember that we are all human.  We come with our own prejudices, our own worldviews, and our own experiences.  All of that can, at times, bring levels of discrimination.  I think that the key is that when you see it in the church--you have to identify it--and then work through it. 
Q: So how are you holding up after five days of holy conferencing in your legislative committee?
A: Overall I’m doing okay.  In 2008 I came as a visitor, and this is my first time as a delegate.  Being a delegate can be exhausting.  You really work hard, have to listen intently, and just really be aware of all the moving parts that are going on around you. I am very humbled and honored that the North Georgia Conference gave me the chance to be here.

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