Q&A with Jonathan Holston


Name: Jonathan Holston
Role: Clergy Delegate
Appointment: St. James UMC, Atlanta
Legislative Committee: Financial Administration


Q: Can you tell me about the work your legislative committee is working on?
A: I’m on the Financial Administration Committee, and we look at all the petitions that deal with The General Council on Finance and Administration. 
Q: Any particular issues that you all are dealing with?
A: Some of the things we are looking at are issues that deal with pensions, the divestment issue, and just the overall budget of our denomination. We look at the global nature of the church when discussing these issues. The decisions that we make will affect annual conferences in the U.S., the Central Conferences outside the U.S., and all of local churches in both. It really helps to have a broader understanding of the Church to do this work.
Q: Being at General Conference really gives you an idea of how global our Church really is, doesn’t it?
A: Oh yes. I wish everyone could experience this. General Conference is a witness that our Church is reaching out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in different parts of the world in different ways. 
Q: Do you wish that everyone could see the diversity of the Church that is displayed here?
A: I do, but I would really encourage churches to find that in their own way, though.  St. James has a connection with the Ugandan churches in the East Africa Annual Conference.  It is a wonderful way to celebrate the global nature and connectedness of our Church.  I really love coming to General Conference to see some of the Ugandan friends I’ve met over the years. 
Q: Didn’t you chair the Financial Administration committee in 2008?
A: I sure did, and by just being a committee member this year, and not being the chair, (laughing) I have been able to add four hours of sleep to my 2012 General Conference experience.  No matter how you serve here at General Conference, this is a lot of responsibility.    
Q: With all that responsibility, it seems like this could be a stressful experience?
A: It sure can be.  Our committee still has some really important things to discuss before the deadline tonight, so we are pushed for time.  I think we will get there.
Q: You are the 2012 Episcopal Nominee for the North Georgia Conference delegation. How do you feel about that?
A: It’s an honor and a privilege to have my colleagues in the North Georgia Conference, both lay and clergy, to unanimously say that I would be a person able to lead at an Episcopal level. 

To read more about Jonathan, please find his bio here.