Q&A with Leon Jourolmon


Name: Leon Jourolmon
Role: Lay delegate
Local Church: Elberton First UMC
Legislative committee: Superintendancy


Q. This is your first General Conference as a delegate. What is your impression of how it has operated?
A. I really enjoyed the legislative committee. I felt like I got to know people and develop some relationships. I have been surprised by how slowly things move in the plenary conference. I am not unhappy about it, but it is slower than I would have expected.

Q. How much preparation time did you put into your work as a delegate?
A. It was an unbelievable amount of stuff we had to do. Fortunately, members of our delegation helped me prioritize and get through it.

Q. After participating in the process, does it leave you with greater confidence about the administration of the denomination, or shaking your head?
A. I am confident about what we do. I keep hearing negative comments but I belive we are doing lots of good things here. If we can make decisions to strengthen the local churches, we will all benefit.

Q. What is the most significant issue addressed in Tampa?
A. The reorganization of the church. It is tremendously important. I think we need to be talking about working with our local churches and evangelism. Some of that is happening. What has really impressed me is the clear globalization of the church. I am pleased to see how rapidly it is growing in Africa.

Q. Has anything you learned here caused you particular concern.
A. I have always said the schism on that one issue (human sexuality) is troublesome. I don’t want to see us fractured. We need to stick together.

Q. After being here for two weeks, are you homesick?
A: I am ready to go home.

To read more about Leon, please visit his bio here.