Q&A with David Jones


Name: David Jones
Role: Clergy delegate
Appointment: Glenn Memorial UMC
Legislative committee: Conferences

Q: This is your fourth General Conference. What stands out in your mind about Tampa?
A: Obviously, the demographics of the world-wide church and Methodism are changing radically and impacting everything we are discussing here.

Q: Do you see the success the church is having in Africa and think it might spread to other nations or continents?
A: God can make things that are out of thinks that are not, and he can make dead things live again. If it happened in one place, it can happen in another.

Q: What was the most important idea rising out of Tampa?
A: The potential for continental conferences, which would allow us to function worldwide, but be respectful of different cultures. Otherwise, some of those cultural differences could be stretching us to a breaking point. Maybe continental conferences are needed to keep us from eventually breaking with one another.

Q: What was your experience on your legislative committee?
A: We had an extraordinary experience. There was a wonderful sense of unity and desire to listen to each other and work together.

Q: How many more of these conferences do you think you might attend?
A: I don’t know. I let God speak through those who do the electing. I had open-heart surgery 14 weeks ago and that has been a bit of a strain. I have been working much harder here than I have been used to since surgery.

Q: Have you been careful about what you have been eating?
A: I take the Fifth Amendment on that.

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