Q&A with Jeff Jernigan


Name: Jeff Jenrigan
Role: Lay delegate
North Georgia affiliation: McEachern Memorial UMC
Legislative committee: Conferences

Q. This is your second time as a delegate to General Conference. How would you sum up your experience here?
A. It has been an amazing experience. Four years ago, my legislative committee was contentious and people were not listening to each other. This year has been refreshing. Forty-seven percent of the delegates in my legislative committee were from Central Conferences and it was wonderful how everyone worked together. It gives me great hope for the global church. No one else has what we have, connectionalism on a global scale.

Q: You were looking a bit weary last night. How have you been holding up to the long days of work?
A. I wish I was 21 again and could do all-nighters, but I am getting tired.

Q. Has anything about this General Conference given you a change of heart?
A. It is obvious to me that we are really ready to be a global church, with widespread participation on boards and agencies. It will bring new challenges, but we are prepared to meet those.

Q. Do you think it is possible for United Methodism to spread around the world as it has in Africa?
A. What worked in the U.S., at the founding of Methodism, can work elsewhere: an outpouring of the Holy Spirit through lay people spreading the Gospel. We see great progress in south Asia, Vietnam, Laos and many other places.

Q. What is most important thing that happened here?
A. The new structure. Though structure will not transform the church, it will set the tone and make us more effective for movement of the Holy Spirit and leadership. Our boundaries are limitless.
To read more about Jeff, please find his bio here.

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