Donated car helps missionary serve Uganda


    Travel is at the heart of North Georgia missionary Jennifer Hansen’s calling. Her first step was to make it to Kampala, Uganda, last year where she is serving through the General Board of Global Ministries. 
     Her second goal – securing transportation while she’s there – was recently met when she purchased a car with funds given by North Georgia churches.
   “Because I now have transportation I am able to engage in the ministry to which I was called,” said Hansen. “Before I had the car every day I was limited to riding into the Episcopal Office in Kampala with my neighbor who works in the Conference. Now, rather than spending all my time in the office, I am able to travel to the people who need my assistance.”
     Having reliable transportation has enabled Hansen to meet with a local church pastor to work together on how to plan a worship service. She recently drove to Humble Primary School to meet with the bursar to help him create a budget for the school and develop proposals to move the school to self-sustainability. 
    “I am developing a training program on basic financial concepts of savings and budgeting to provide skills to a local congregation of refugee women to help them move to self-sufficiency,” said Hansen. “Because I have the car I was able to meet with the women and now I can travel to the church to conduct training.”
    These are only a few examples of how the car has allowed Hansen to engage more fully in ministry.  
      Donations toward the car came from several North Georgia churches including Griffin First, Gainesville First, Dunwoody UMC, Trinity on the Hill UMC Augusta, St Mark UMC Atlanta, and Dalton UMC.
 “I am truly grateful, not just for the gift of the car itself, but also that it allows me to be an extension of love from the people of North Georgia to those here in East Africa,” said Hansen. Connectionalism at its finest!”
 To follow Hansen’s work in Uganda, visit her blog