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Christian educators: start your engines 

There are several excellent events scheduled for North Georgia’s Christian Educator’s Fellowship (CEF) this year. Mark your calendars (and share these dates to Christian Educators in your congregation).
North Georgia CEF 2012
Upcoming Events
June 14
CEF Annual Conference Lunch
Trumps at the Georgian Hotel, Athens
RSVP to Melissa Lerner
August 16
“Sunday School, Small Groups, and Vital Congregations”
East Cobb UMC
RSVP to Cindy Campbell
October 12-16
“Come and See”
CEF National Conference, 
Green Lake, Wisconsin
November 15
“Shared Learnings from the CEF National Conference”
Location To Be Announced
Event Highlights:
Special Conference Mission Offering
The 2012 North Georgia Conference mission offering will go to support World Methodist Evangelism, including the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, which is located within the North Georgia Conference in partnership with our Candler School of Theology. It is recommended that you hold a special offering in your local church sometime before the start of the Annual Conference Session. Please bring all monies collected to the Service of Remembrance held at 2pm, Wednesday, June 13. For more information, please visit http://www.ngumc.org/pages/detail/2175
Conference Mission Project:
UMCOR School Kit Assembly
 Conference members are invited to bring supplies and help assemble UMCOR school kits June 13 at 5:45 pm at the Athens Classic Center, Athena Room G&H.  For more information, please visit http://www.ngumc.org/pages/detail/2174/
May 19
Parish Life Team /GEM Meeting
Murphy Harpst Golf Tournament
May 20
ATHN Pre-Conference Briefing
GNSV Pre-Conference Briefing
May 24
Moving Pastor’s Seminar
May 29
GRFN Pre-Conference Briefing
 May 31
AROS Pre-Conference Briefing
ROCA Pre-Conference Briefing
 Cross-Racial and Cross-Cultural Gathering
June 1
UMW SEJ Quadrennial Meeting
June 3
LAGRPre-Conference Briefing
ACPK Pre-Conference Briefing
AMRY Pre-Conference Briefing
NWST Pre-Conference Briefing
June 12-14
North Georgia Annual Conference 2012
June 30
NGC Delegation Meeting
July 11
Mission Education for Pastors Plus Mission Chairs (ME4P)
July 12-14
Cooperative Christian Mission Education Event
For details and registration information for these events and the full conference calendar, visit www.ngumc.org/events.
Connectional Cafe Highlight:
Are you planning a district or sub-district event? Browse the menu at Connectional Cafe at www.ngumc.org/cafe for workshop ideas. Contact a faculty member directly to schedule an event. 
Social Media: A Tool for Vital Ministry
Idea: This training is an experience designed to engage the participants our UM social principles; our denominational statement on issues effecting society. The workshop will help students walk away with tools to teach social principles in their own churches as well as engage elected representatives in dialogue for social justice.
Jasmine Smothers (jasmine. smothers@ngumc.net)
Emily Case (emily@kennesaw umc.org)