Exciting opportunities to serve our Lord in North Georgia


     The 146th session of the North Georgia Conference was a wonderful gathering of nearly 3,000 faithful United Methodist Christians. It was pure joy to see and hear so many of God's people celebrate God's love, mercy and grace and commit to go forth once again to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. What a privilege to serve our Lord among the laity and clergy of this outstanding annual conference.
      I shared with the members of the conference some exciting possibilities for mission and ministry as we seek opportunities to serve our Lord. We are looking forward to:
renewing our emphasis on spiritual practices and disciplines,
establishing dynamic sub-groups of congregations within each district,
seeking increased efficiency and effectiveness within our conference staff,
cultivating winsome, intentional and evangelistic Christian witness among our clergy and laity,
building more mission and ministry bridges to our world parish in El Salvador, The Bahamas, East Africa, Israel, Portugal, Russia, The Philippines, our own state of Georgia through Action Ministries, and throughout the whole world through World Methodist Evangelism,
invigorating our children and youth ministries including camping and campus ministries,
engaging in two or three significant areas of local and global social involvement,
increasing the number of Vital Congregations in every language and ethnic group among us,
strengthening the lay/clergy partnership,
recruiting new lay leadership,
identifying the most effective candidates to meet the evolving clergy needs of the conference, and
teaching the United Methodist way of Christian living in our communities.
        These exciting possibilities offer a thrilling future for our conference. It is my prayer that in the days ahead each one of us will open our hearts and minds to God's continued call to us so that we may live the glorious life that God has for us to live. 
        Are we ready? Dear God, let it be!