May we help you? Staff changes at the United Methodist Center


When you phone the United Methodist Center or shoot an email to a Conference staff person, there may be a new voice or email signature on the other end.
The building that houses the administrative and conference ministry offices never has the same occupants from year to year, but you may notice significant changes since Annual Conference 2012.
In June, staff welcomed Rev. Sam Halverson as director of youth and young adult ministries and Michele Lancaster as administrative assistant to Mike Selleck.
Along with these new faces, several staff have shifted responsibilities. Rev. Jamie Jenkins has stepped into the role of director of New Church Development. Beth Barnwell is now administrative assistant and office manager for the Office of New Church Development.  Judy Bush has joined Connectional Ministries in an administrative assistant role. Sybil Davidson is now associate director for communications.
For the United Methodist Center staff directory, visit Check back often -- you might just see a new friendly face.