HealthFlex Participants: Time to take the HQ


It is time once again for all HealthFlex insurance participants to take the HQ -- or have their insurance premiums raised.

The Health Quotient (HQ) is an online health survey and must be completed between August 1 and September 30 to maintain deductible levels of $750/$1500 for 2013. (If both participant and covered spouse do not complete the HQ by Sept. 30, deductibles will be increased for that all coverage of that participant.)
If you took the HQ before August 1, you must retake it to avoid an increased deductible for next year.

HQ at a Glance

What? HQ online health risk assessment

When: August 1–September 30, 2012 (NOTE: If you took the HQ prior to August 1, you MUST retake it before September 30 to avoid the higher deductible.)

Who? Participants and spouses in a HealthFlex PPO, EPO or CDHP. (HQ incentive does not apply to Medicare companion or Extend Health plans.)

How? Start online at Click “HealthFlex/WebMD” and enter your username and password. Then select “HealthQuotient” under Get Started.

Why? Two good reasons:
1. You’ll avoid paying $250 or $500 extra on next year’s medical plan deductible.
2. You’ll learn about your health risks and identify areas for health improvement. You also might qualify to work with a WebMD health coach—available through HealthFlex at no cost to you.

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