Developing Healthy Clergy and Congregations Conference


When: October 2-4
Where: Decatur FUMC, Atlanta, GA
Host: Pastor David Naglee
We live in turbulent times. In these days of war, suicide, divorce, poverty and conflict, the Church should be a haven, a place of refuge, growth and hope. Sadly, that is too often not the case.
The Church is suffering internal conflicts and in extreme cases, bullying and abuse. Church health is deeply rooted in the love we have for Jesus and for one another. Without this love, conflict arises, dividing congregations, causing harm to the entire church, including the clergy and ultimately, harm to the community that desperately needs the love of Jesus. In order to deal effectively with these conflicts we must address difficult issues, like clergy abuse.
The Developing Healthy Clergy and Congregations Conference is a desperately needed event that will confront the issue of conflict within the Church and stressors facing clergy members. The conference will offer solutions for dealing with church conflict and restoring church unity, vitality and overall church health. The conference will be presented in cooperation with US Films and the Stressed Clergy Association, a group that brings aid and recovery to clergy affected by abuse.
During the first session of the conference there will be an exclusive viewing of Betrayed: The Clergy Killer's DNA, a new documentary film, released this month, by US Films. 
The film that some are calling "one of the most enlightening and important Christian documentaries ever made" takes a hard look at the clergy killer phenomenon, a disorder inflicted upon 50 percent of all congregations globally. This phenomenon includes emotional, mental, verbal and often times, physical threats or abuse from church members. Betrayed is a compelling film that "exposes the best kept secret in the Church" and explores the danger of overlooking this abuse that destroys the Church Jesus loves. 
   According to the filmmaker the film is "an insurance policy for all clergy, parishioners and lay leaders alike and exposes those who try to destroy them.
   Along with the viewing of the film, US Films will be hosting an International Symposium on Wednesday night, Oct. 3, with noted world church leaders and the world's foremost experts on the clergy killer phenomenon, including Dr. James Forbes, Minister Emeritus, Riverside Church in New York City.
To prepare for the conference, US Films is making available copies of the film to purchase and view beforehand for only $19.95, through US Films. Even if you are unable to attend this conference this film is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal for fighting against this epidemic. 
Developing Healthy Clergy and Congregations will feature specialists in the area of Church Health, along with mental health experts. The event will include special guest speaker, Dr. Lloyd Rediger, author of the popular book, “Clergy Killers”. Other speakers include UMC Clergy member and Psychologist, Dr. Jim Powell, who specializes in workshops for clergy under duress; Pastor and Counselor, Rev. Dr. Jerry Meredith; Licensed Counselor, Deena Riley, who specializes in helping families cope with the stresses of ministry and antagonists; Randy Kanipe, Pastor and Founder of the Stressed Clergy Association.
Workshops and Plenary discussions include:
Church Vitality
Dealing with Conflict
Managing Stress
Church Unity
Problem Solving and How to Stop Bullying in the Church
A healthy church is one that functions as an extension of Christ's love, making a positive impact on it members and the community. Jesus gave us the Great Commission, to "go and make disciples", but first, He gave us the most important command, to "love one another" as He has loved us. That love must start within the walls of the Church and then extend to the World. We invite you to be a part of this life-changing event...
Register by Sept. 9, 2012 to get the early bird cost of $225 for first team member, $175 for second team member and beyond.