Consider sharing Holy Communion on Election Day


Election day is almost here. We as citizens of this country hold differing viewpoints and opinions that will influence the ballots we cast. Yet, as members of the body of Christ, the church, we confess our belief that the Sacrament of Holy Communion can make us one with Christ, “one with each other, and one in service to all the world”. 
It is in this spirit that the North Georgia Conference Worship Ministry Team shares with you this information about an opportunity to invite persons in your community to share Holy Communion on Election Day in the grace-filled, reconciling spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
While many resources are available on the web, we offer the following as potential starting points to help you plan if you wish to do Election Day Communion Service on November 6th. 
Worship and Election Day blog post
• Taylor Burton-Edwards is the Director of Worship Resources for the General Board of
Discipleship of the United Methodist Church (UMC). His article provides some ideas
for organizing an Election Day Communion service
Election Day Communion
• Nationwide movement hosted by Two Mennonite Pastors and a Member of an
Episcopal Church. The resources are God focused and God driven, and focus on the
Church as one unified Body. This site is not affiliated with the United Methodist
Liturgy for a Day of Prayer and Unity
• The Rev. Ben Gosden is associate pastor of Mulberry Street United Methodist Church
in Macon, GA (South Georgia Annual Conference). He blogs at Covered in the Master's Dust.
We are connected to a greater purpose and made stronger as the Body of Christ when we share in worship to God. Please let us know if your church provides a place for prayer, reflection and this Sacred Meal on November 6th, and tell us how the experience went and how your community responded. We want to celebrate the ways God is moving in and through the Church and how, through your worship and radical hospitality, others are invited to experience God and the community of faith.
Chuck Bell
Worship Representative NGUMC Worship Team
Carol Snype Crawford
Worship Team Chairperson