Responding to Hurricane Sandy


As we begin to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, please consider the following:

Collect a special offering this Sunday or donate directly to UMCOR Hurricanes 2012 Advance #3021787. You can also text the word RESPONSE to 80888 to give an immediate $10 donation.

Assemble Cleaning Buckets (Flood Buckets) 
There is a great need for Cleaning Buckets. Instructions on assembling a Cleaning Bucket can be found at or download the list below:
How to Assemble UMCOR Cleaning Buckets (Flood Buckets)

Become a trained Early Responder or take advantage of other Disaster Response training opportunities. See the calendar for upcoming offerings:

Join us in praying for everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. Oakhurst Church in Decatur shared the following prayer on Facebook:
"God, have mercy on all of your children who have been affected by our broken Creation today. Bless and strengthen the rescue workers. Give hope to those who feel as though they have none. Show us how we can help though we feel helpless... Lord in your mercy hear our prayers..."

Read more about how United Methodists are Already Responding:

Millions Fear Storm – But the Church Is There

( As Hurricane Sandy bore down on millions of people, the United Methodist Church was already helping them prepare, respond, and cope with their fear.

From New England to the eastern seaboard, into the Midwest, storm evacuees were moving into shelters or hunkering down in their homes.

United Methodist Early Response Teams (ERT) from many states were put on alert, and will deploy only after emergency officials give the okay. "At this point we're waiting out the storm," said Carol Brozosky, an ERT leader from New Jersey, which has more than 150 ERT responders statewide. 

Update from Bishop John Schol

Washington Area of The United Methodist Church

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and offer of support. It means a great deal to the United Methodists and people of Greater New Jersey. There are challenges ahead for many people. 2.4 million New Jerseyans are without power. The conference center is without of power and our servers are down which makes communication difficult. We could be down for a week or more. ...

Our district superintendents and disaster response coordinators are assessing community and church damage. Already reports of churches and parsonages damaged. Several churches have opened to provide shelter and food. ... This is an opportunity to share the love of Christ.