Staying Fit: A fitness success story


  A friend of mine decided some time ago to exercise more, eat better, and generally live healthy.  As part of this decision, he challenged himself to finish a 5K race.
He came across a program that would help him prepare—starting from not being too active, to being ready for the race.  If you have a similar goal, you can find such plans on the internet by searching “couch to 5K,” or similar terms.
So, my friend began to work the plan, starting out slowly.  The workouts were manageable, yet grew in their challenge.  He started walking a little bit, then walking a bit further, eventually working up to some jogging.  Over a period of several weeks, my friend found he could keep going further than he ever had before!  Finally, he was ready for the race.
As it was his first ever 5K, he did not expect to go fast, but he did want to finish.  And finish he did, running as well as he could.  My friend finished in a decent “first-timer” time.  The important thing is he set a goal, worked toward it, and completed it!  I am very proud of my friend for achieving his goal.  Now he is seeking to add to his goals by running in other 5K races.
How about you?  Have you thought about doing something in fitness or better health, but it seemed too hard to achieve?  It is easier to get there when you engage a cheering and support crew, so they can continue to encourage you in your goal.  Once you achieve, be sure to celebrate!
It’s amazing what can happen once you set your mind to something, or follow a plan, or step out further than you ever have.  It can seem daunting at first, but you’ll make progress a little bit at a time.  After you continue making more and more progress, you’ll discover that what seemed daunting is now doable.  Confidence increases, health improves, and you just generally feel better!
What do you want to do?  What do you want to achieve?  Is there a health goal, or fitness goal you want to work toward?  Don’t let anything stop you or stand in your way.
Keep on moving forward!  Please send me your stories of how you’ve set a goal and moved toward it!
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