Vital Congregations: Union UMC Takes a Journey Into Imagination


From Rev. Rick Marson
Union UMC, Stockbridge

Please come with me, if you will, on a journey into a small community, like thousands of others across the country. We are about to enter the world of Union Town, a journey into imagination.

Our town has a train station, a big top tent, a movie theater, a candy shop, a pizza parlor, a pet store, a library, a grocery store, an antiques shop, a fire station and a church. A circus train is just pulling into Union Town--with Noah as the engineer. 
Here children can sit in the pizza parlor with small, decorated round tables. They can walk through the doors of a small town movie theater, with the smell of popcorn all around.  They can see their faces in the images of the ballerinas on the little girl’s restroom walls. They can examine the little league baseball uniform by the ball field.  They can sit in a park bench with birds and chipmunks all around.  They can walk through the library, searching for something that will inspire them.  Here they will learn about life, and about God. 

Union Town is a place where imagination comes to life.

This interactive children's area was recently completed as part of the church's effort to reach out to families. What child wouldn't love to visit Union Town? See the full gallery of photos below. Do you have a Vital Congregations story from your church to share? Email