Higher percentage of apportionments paid for 2012 in N. Georgia


   The good news on apportionments for 2012: The percentage of payments continues to increase. The bottom line: Overall giving is down a bit.
    But that is to be expected says North Georgia Conference Treasurer Keith Cox.
    “CFA has made the effort to reduce the Conference budget in recent years,” said Cox. “So most of the churches who had paid 100 percent in the past are still paying 100 percent but on a smaller budget amount. We are receiving a good percentage of apportionments but on a smaller overall budget.
 “We know that most churches are working hard to support the Conference through apportioned giving.”
The conference office has received $22,186,618 for 2012, which is 92.27 percent of apportionments. In 2011, $22,778,152 was collected, which accounted for 90 percent of apportionments. In 2010, $22,983,171 was collected, which was 88.7 percent of apportionments.
“We are still dealing with a great deal of uncertainty in the economy,” said Cox, “which is why we have been actively working to trim our budget and find cost savings. An excellent example of that is the restructuring of the Conference staffing at the UM Center that we effected in 2012. The more funds we receive means the more ministry we can support. And that’s why we are here.”