North Georgia and World Methodist Evangelism Host 'Living the Wesleyan Way' Seminar in El Salvador


Thirty-six pastors and lay leaders from El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Honduras attended a four-day seminar in January, “Sharing Faith the  Wesleyan Way,” presented by the North Georgia Conference and World Methodist Evangelism in the city of Salvador, El Salvador.
Dr. Eddie Fox, World Director of Evangelism of the World Methodist Evangelism Institute, taught on the topic of the nature of Christian faith and meaning of the Christian faith, sharing practical tools with the delegates. North Georgia's Bishop B. Michael Watson shared the vision and challenge of the church today. Juan De Dios, president of the Methodist Church in El Salvador, gave a presentation on the context of church in El Salvador.
“I want to thank you for all you do to enable the Bridge between the Methodist Church in El Salvador and North Georgia Conference," wrote De Dios afterward. "I'm sure God will help us figure out which are the best ways of relating and I am sure that together we will see how the North Georgia Conference and El Salvador are blessed. I pray to God that this effort both churches (USA and Salvador) will grow and we can share what we have with each other, and our the relationships  and experiences are  better each day."