Peachtree City UMC: Sonrise Ringers perform at the governor's mansion


On Dec. 16 Peachtree City United Methodist Church's high school handbell choir, the Sonrise Ringers, was able to provide beautiful Christmas music for the annual Christmas tour of the  governor's mansion in Atlanta. 
    Every year for approximately two weeks, the public is invited to tour the governor's mansion, which has been decorated for the holiday season. Months before, the call goes out across the state for school choral and instrumental groups to come provide music during these tour times. PTCUMC's group responded and was selected to come. Once a group performs, they must wait three years before going back to give other groups an opportunity.
    So on this rainy December afternoon the Sunrise Ringers arrived at the governor's mansion to provide music in the state drawing room as people filed past, admiring all the decorations. Visitors also stopped to express their appreciation for and admiration of the beautiful music provided by the bells and chimes. 
     An hour and a half is a long time to play, but the group was well rehearsed and up to the challenge. Mrs. Sandra Deal, wife of Governor Deal and our state’s first lady, was most cordial and gracious as she welcomed the Ringers and even allowed them to have our pictures made with her.