Great things come in small packages at First UMC Union Point


     The smaller churches in our conference can and do many wonderful things. This Christmas season, the 15 members of First United Methodist Church, Union Point in the Augusta District used Matthew 25:35-45 as their inspiration for collecting items to be given to those in need. 
    The congregation collected more than 95 pounds of canned goods ("I was hungry and you fed me"), sent invitations to people they did not know and invited them to the church ("I was a stranger and you welcomed me"). They also collected 40 baby bottles, 13 baby outfits, 9 bags of diapers and 6 bibs ("I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink" and "I was naked and you clothed me") to be given to the local pregnancy center. 
     They also took flowers and cards to those in the hospital and/or nursing homes ("I was sick and you took care of me"). They collected and sent 90 Christmas cards to the Greene County jail inmates ("I was in prison and you visited me"). These gifts will help many in the community, and it was a real joy to be part of such a wonderful time as the church members demonstrated to others the love of God at Christmastime.