On Valentine's Day Action Ministries Works to Love Our Neighbors as Ourselves


From www.actionministries.net

It says, he replied, that you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength, and with all your mind. And you must love your neighbor just as much as you love yourself. Luke 10:27

The man questioning Jesus about how to achieve eternal life in the verse above wants to justify his lack of love for some kinds of people, so he asks, “Which neighbors?” Valentine’s Day often leads us to contemplate the meaning of true love. What is true love anyway, and “which neighbors” are we called to love? How does it look, in practical terms, to love our neighbors just as much as we love ourselves?

At Action Ministries, our focus for 50 years has been loving our neighbors in very practical ways, by mobilizing communities to address the challenges of poverty by focusing on hunger, housing and education–some of the most basic needs of every human being.

This year on Valentine’s Day, Action Ministries has the privilege of joining Project Interconnections and Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter for a grand reopening celebration of Welcome House, Georgia’s first Shelter Plus Care site, part of HUD’s Supportive Housing Program. Because of the success of the Action Ministries Housing program, we’ve been invited to provide supportive services at Welcome House, a 209-unit development located in downtown Atlanta for very low-income single adults.

More than half of Welcome House residents were homeless or at risk for homelessness at the time of move-in. Welcome House offers an opportunity for residents to have a decent, safe place to live while receiving on-site support to cope with their individual needs. By providing these services, the supportive services staff works to prevent a return to homelessness, maintain sobriety, promote physical health and hygiene, increase vocational skills and boost employment rates, and help those who are ready to move beyond SRO housing.

It’s an opportunity to love our neighbors as ourselves. Won’t you join us?

John Moeller Jr.
President and CEO, Action Ministries