The Bible: As Seen on TV


David Crumm, former religion editor for the Detroit Free Press and son of a United Methodist pastor in the Detroit Conference, is the co-founder of "Read the Spirit," an online spirituality magazine. The magazine's lead story this week is, "Everybody's Buzzing 'bout the Bible."

David says this new 10-hour miniseries that launched on the History Channel March 3 is, "great for individual viewing and small-group discussion—if we watch with a bit of skepticism."

He goes on to make available a variety of resources for individuals and congregations to use as the series continues through Easter. You even have an opportunity to add your comments and interact with other viewers. Click here for a when-to-view guide of the episodes, reviewed by Ed McNulty, author of Praying the Movies.

Other reviews, reflections and resources are available, including:

(Republished with permission from The West Michigan Conference: