UM Children's Home Foster Care Program Ranked Top Program in Georgia


The Foster Care Program of the United Methodist Children’s Home was recently ranked as the number one foster care program in Georgia by the state agency that oversees foster care services.
Organizations such as the Children’s Home are contracted by the state and are graded each quarter based on issues relating to safety, permanency, and the well-being of the children in their care. In addition, there are opportunities for incentive credits such as the approval of additional foster homes each quarter and providing extra educational opportunities for children in care.

In 2012 UMCH received a score of 104.4 percent (out of 100) for the quarter ending in December, and a 100.78 percent for the quarter ending in September.

"These numbers mean that children at UMCH are safe, healthy and receiving the very best holistic care possible," said Denise Peacock, Coordinator of Foster Care Recruitment and Retention for the Children's Home.
The UMCH Foster Care program continues to show increasing numbers in foster parent inquiries from United Methodist ministers, staff, and church members. In fact, the last two foster home approvals happen to be United Methodist ministers. The Children's Home credits this increase to churches promoting the need for more foster homes and the exceptional support that UMCH provides for their foster families.
"There is a dire need for families and individuals to open their homes to children entering the foster care system, said Peacock. "Your home might be that safe haven for a frightened child."

For more information on becoming a foster parent, contact Denise Peacock at 404-327-5864 or