North Georgians elected to board of Black Methodists for Church Renewal


 United Methodist News Service
     Two North Georgians are among the new officers selected for the board of Black Methodists for Church Renewal (BMCR) at the organization's annual meeting in March. The Rev. Jacqui Rose-Tucker, Rome-Carrollton District Superintendent, and the Rev. Paul Thibodeaux, associate pastor at St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, were elected to the board to fill clergy spots. 
 The BMCR is the official caucus that advocates for Black Methodists in the United Methodist Church. A major restructure led to the appointments, and the pastor who chaired the task force that worked on the restructure encouraged the members to be daring enough to confront the future.
     Members voted to eliminate the use of “national” and limit the use of “African-American” tags from literature and promotions and to use “BMCR” in terms that reflect the greater diversity of the denomination. In approving the change, the caucus is taking a stand to be intentionally inclusive through effectively implementing its organizational purpose, goals and objectives.
    Among the major changes approved in the restructuring plan was to change from an annual meeting to a general meeting. According to the new plan, the general meeting will be in collaboration with other agencies and entities that could strengthen BMCR’s presence and voice.
      The members approved a plan for the next meeting to be in 2015, ahead of the next United Methodist General Conference, but far enough in the future for the board of directors to give attention to the transition plan and re-organization.
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