Change the World weekend


     Change the World is planned for May 18-19.  It’s a denomination-wide event that focuses on the ministries of the church beyond the sanctuary, so that change is palpable and noticeable. Just imagine: if every United Methodist church in your area were outside the walls of their buildings, helping one another and enacting social change, people would take notice. 
     Register your service projects at and they will appear on a map. Beginning in late April, advertisements will point people to, where they can find projects in nearby locations. Your detailed information on whom to contact, what to expect, what to wear and tools to bring will make your event more hospitable to those outside the church.
     In addition to the national advertising, you’ll get a free reusable lawn banner to draw attention to your program, a multimedia DVD that has newspaper ads you can edit and customize, direct mail files and other outreach materials, and a Rethink Church T-shirt that can help strike up a conversation with a stranger.
      Learn more at