From Bishop Watson: End of an era for Advocate


       I have written columns for the Advocate since my first year in serving as bishop in 2000. At that time the Wesleyan Christian Advocate covered both North and South Georgia Conferences. I alternated weeks with then bishop of the North Georgia Conference, Bishop Lindsey Davis.
     In 2008, when I was appointed to serve the North Georgia area, I continued writing columns for the Advocate. 
      Beyond providing me with a means to share directly with clergy and laity of the Conference, I too stayed informed reading the news and reflections. 
     A few years ago, the Wesleyan Christian Advocate board let the Conference know that financial realities were forcing the Advocate to close. I sat around a table with conference leaders and we decided to give it one more try. Partnering with the United Methodist Reporter enabled us to share resources and staff. It was our best option for success. As we received word last week that the Reporter couldn’t continue, we knew that we had given our best try and that it was time to shift focus.
    You have a history with the Advocate, too. It has been a trusted source of information, a place to turn for ideas, and a way to stay connected.
    We can’t change the trend of the financial difficulty of printing a publication, but we remain committed to providing you with trusted information. It’s at the heart of the connectional nature of our church.
    I look forward to continuing to hear your stories through the website, e-newsletters, video and in ways we can’t even yet imagine.