It is with sadness I will read the final edition


    I am disappointed to see this day. I have enjoyed reading the Advocate for entire ministry, which has been for more than 40 years. My parents were subscribers before me. 
    I was able to keep up with the history of Methodism in our state through the columns looking back in history. I was able to keep up with wonderful church news across our state. I learned about the wisdom of St. Mary’s UMC in South Georgia when they inherited significant amount of money and used it so wisely.
    For the last 20 years I have used the Advocate to keep up with the retirees in our state. They are some of the most forgotten people in our conference and I am able to wish many of them happy birthday.
     When the Advocate ceased being published statewide I continued to subscribe to both editions from North and South Georgia . Our connection will suffer.
     Progress is not always better. When I retire I will not have an Advocate to read and keep up with the progress that is positive. It is with sadness I will read the final edition.
     Mike Cavin is senior pastor of   Milledgeville First UMC