New Term Life Insurance Program for UMs Benefits the Church and Members


Nashville, TN – The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) Office of Corporate Partnership is announcing a new program that has the potential to benefit local churches, members and their families. The term life insurance program provides a financial security tool for church  members.

The mission of the Dream Company’s “Insuring the Future” term life insurance program is to educate families and guide them to financial well-being through investment in a forward-thinking plan that also provides an opportunity to name their church as the beneficiary.
The “Insuring the Future” term life insurance program includes options for members to designate any or all the benefits to the church to support local and global ministries, provide a perpetual gift for investments, and/or contribute to bereavement funds of the church. 
“Our goal is to continuously discover new and innovative ways to protect the financial well-being of UMC members and their families. This partnership with the Dream Company allows us to provide a new channel of support for our mission and ministries through a much-needed coverage benefits program,” said Bobby Smith, Manager of Corporate Partnerships for GCFA. 
Individuals can find more information and apply for the program at
About the Dream Company, LLC
The Dream Company is a new corporate sponsor working with GCFA/UMC; providing an 
innovative e-platform for the term life insurance program “Insuring the Future”. Headquartered
in Huntsville, Alabama, the Dream Company was established in 2009 by Mr. Davis Lee (a United 
Methodist) and his partner, Mr. M. L. Carr, to provide vital premium insurance benefits at 
affordable and accessible group rates. Based on the premise that with proper planning and 
coverage, everyone should have the opportunity to make financial gifts and final arrangements with 
dignity, the program’s mission is to educate and guide families to financial well-being. 
Smith developed the partnership with the Dream Company and is working on other initiatives to 
launch in the near future. Smith worked with the GCFA vetting team and staff. For details about
the “Insuring the Future” term life insurance program, contact Bobby Lee Smith, 615.369.2407, or 
About GCFA
The General Council on Finance and Administration coordinates and administers finances and safeguards the legal 
interests and rights of The United Methodist Church.