Our glorious experience will enable finer Christian service


The power of building bridges is that they allow passage in both directions.

At our 2013 Annual Conference in Athens, gathering under the banner of Bridges to Mission, we celebrated the new bridges we have built around the world while working to strengthen those already established. And through Action Ministries we reaffirmed our commitment to those mission opportunities closest to home.
We were blessed in Athens to have Bridges partners from around the world join us to share their stories. Our North Georgia United Methodists made many new friends, and our 24 international guests got to know us and each other. It was a glorious experience for all that will enable finer Christian service locally and globally.
Of course, the necessary business of the Annual Conference was done, but the inspiration of fellowship, prayer and worship lifted our spirits. Presiding through our days together was a rich blessing for me. Listening and watching so many testimonies to God's graceful love expressed through the numerous ministries of this great conference definitely evoked countless "Glory Hallelujahs" from my heart and soul.
Thank you, my sisters and brothers, for a truly outstanding period of holy conferencing!