Affordable Care Act Compliance is Mandatory for Churches


By October 1, all employers (including churches) must give notice to all employees regarding health insurance options. This includes information on the new Marketplaces available for 2014 and the status of health insurance availability from the church as their employer.

The benefits office will soon be mailing samples of the required forms, a sample letter and other legal information to churches. Compliance is not optional.

The following Memo was mailed in advance of the packet to North Georgia Conference churches in September.


Date:  Sept.12, 2013

To: Pastors, SPRC Chairpersons, Business Administrators

From: North Georgia Conference UMC Benefits Office
Re: Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exchange Notification Requirement

The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires every employer, including churches, to provide a notice to all employees, full-time & part-time, clergy & lay, insured & not insured, regarding health insurance, the new Marketplaces available for 2014, and the status of health insurance availability from the church as their employer. You will be receiving a packet in the mail from the Conference Benefits Office with information, samples of the required forms, a letter that you may adapt for clergy and lay employees, and other legal information.

This notice must be given to every employee by October 1st. After that it should be given to every new hire.

The intent of the law is that every person have affordable health insurance. This notice is a way of letting many people, who do not currently have insurance, know of the availability of the Marketplace (sometimes referred to as Exchanges) coverage options. Pre-existing conditions will not longer be imposed when seeking coverage, and many low paid works will receive tax credits to help pay premium costs.

Please look for a white catalog mailer in the next few days. Take time to read and act on the materials that are sent to you. This is not optional.

Look for more information at

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