The Well UMC Moves into New Space


In just 60 days time, The Well UMC transformed an empty building into a vibrant new church. Watch the video above to see the transformation.

"We moved from rental of a private school with setup and tear down every week to a permanent space," said church pastor Rev. Andy Postell. "The previous space was a more traditional look and the new space is very industrial which fits us better."  

Already the church has stories to tell from the new space.

"I posted one day that I needed some help putting up sheetrock and I had someone in the community reach out to me that her husband knew how to hang sheetrock. She would send him down to help me," said Postell. "He came and worked for two weeks every night putting up sheetrock."

When the church had its first service he was there.
"It was the first time he had been in church for worship in 19 years," Postell said. "When I asked him what he thought his response was, 'You will be seeing a lot more of me.'" 

Postell says he is amazed at how a change of space creates a different mindest.

"With the openness and brightness - I continue to hear people talk about how welcoming the lobby is," Postell said.. "This was something we didn't even realize. The other space was choppy and allowed people to 'hide' but the new space has created a new buzz and excitement. I told my leadership that our goal should be to have the same level of excitement every time we have the opportunity to serve and worship."