Refugee Organizations RRISA and RFS Announce Merger


In December 2012, RRISA (Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta) began exploring the potential benefits of a merger with Refugee Family Services.  After planning, research and strategizing, made possible by a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, the two non-profits have entered into a legal agreement to merge.
Inspired by the determination, courage, resilience, strength, and resourcefulness of the individuals the organizations serve, RRISA and RFS both determed that it was time to embrace a transformation of their own. 
"Our shared vision is to build an organization that provides the highest quality services to our clients. We believe that as one organization, we can provide an unequaled continuum of support and service that extends from refugees' first arrival in the country, through their education, training, and community integration, and culminates in their becoming American citizens, strong families, and community contributors who give back to others," wrote Executive Directors Paedia Mixon and Emily Pelton in an email to supporters.  
A legal agreement, approved by the Board of Directors of both RRISA and RFS, was signed on September 30. Work toward integration has already begun and, through the efforts and dedication of both talented staffs and the expert assistance of consultants, they expect to fully execute the legal merger on October 1, 2014.
"We are energized by the possibilities that lie before us, and we believe taking this bold step will exponentially increase our strength, our sustainability, and our effectiveness as we serve the needs of our clients and the Georgia community," wrote Mixon and Pelton.

For more information, visit RRISA's website