Park Eye Fund Available to North Georgia United Methodists for Eye-Related Care


A special fund for North Georgia United Methodists offers help to those who are in need of eye-related care. The Louise D. Park Eye Fund is available to provide assistance for care which will diminish the likelihood of blindness - for instance cataract and macular degeneration treatment. 
Pastors are encouraged to inform low income persons, retired pastors, and others who might need help with eye care costs of this available assistance. 
Guidelines that govern usage of the fund are below. Louise D. Park Eye Fund grants are disbursed quarterly for actual treatment of patients who are in demonstrable need of financial assistance in order to secure treatment. Those interested in applying for the fund may contact the Conference Benefits Office at, or the Conference Treasurer's Office at, or call 678-533-1399.

Although grants are available to all persons, first priority is given to grants recommended by a United Methodist clergy person. 


The purpose of the Park Eye Fund is to provide financial assistance to persons for eye related care when such care is necessary or effective to diminish the likelihood of blindness and when such care would cause an undue financial hardship on the person. Judgments regarding financial hardship and likelihood that the procedures or services will diminish blindness shall be rendered initially by the clergy person making a grant request. Grant requests will be evaluated by the Conference Benefits Officer based on financial duress and on likelihood to diminish blindness. The Conference Benefits Officer is authorized to approve or decline approval of a request. In determining whether the individual has shown a financial hardship, the more immediate the threat of blindness will take precedence over the level of financial hardship.

1. The Conference Benefits Officer (CBO) shall administer the Park Eye Fund under the original provisions of the gift.
2. The CBO of the annual conference, acting under the auspices of the Conference Board of Trustees, shall be the Administrator of the Fund and shall approve all grants.
3. Grants may be made for any examination or care related to the eyes, subject to conditions stated below. Elective procedures will be excluded from this program.
4. All grant requests must be accompanied by medical documentation and invoice or physician’s cost proposal.
5. Grants will be paid only after expenses have been submitted to third party payer (if applicable).
6. The amount of a grant may not exceed the billed charges less: (10% of billed charges plus the third party payment)
         Example #1: With Third Party Coverage
         Actual cost $2,000
         10% 200
         Insurance 1,300
         Park Eye Fund would pay $500

         Example #2: Without Third Party Coverage
         Actual Cost $2,000
         10% 200
         Insurance 0
         $1,800 – Park Eye Fund would pay $1,800
7. The Conference Board of Trustees may establish limits for the amount of the grants subject to the availability of funds.
8. No more than one grant per person may be issued in any calendar year.
9. Although grants are available to all persons, the CBO should give first priority to grants recommended by a United Methodist clergy person.