HealthFlex Open Enrollment: Through Nov. 14


HealthFlex Annual Election Is Open October 30-November 14

Elections you make during this period will apply to your 2014 health benefits. Annual Election is your only opportunity to:*
  • Select your 2014 plan coverage—if your plan sponsor offers more than one medical plan.
  • Select a dental plan—if your plan sponsor offers more than one dental plan through HealthFlex.
  • Make flexible spending account (FSA) elections and enjoy pre-tax savings in 2014. Your 2013 FSA elections will not roll over for next year.
  • Important—Contact your benefits office ASAP for a HealthFlex Enrollment/Change Form if you want to add or remove a spouse or child from your HealthFlex plan. This form must be processed by November 14.
Check out the Annual Election brochure—recently mailed to you.
HealthFlex information is online at Log into HealthFlex/WebMD.
What's New?
Effective January 1, 2014, Catamaran will be the new pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) for HealthFlex prescription drug benefits, replacing Express Scripts, Inc. (formerly Medco). Catamaran is one of the nation's largest PBMs with 68,000 retail pharmacies in their network, combined with a comprehensive, industry-leading prescription drug formulary. (Watch for more information coming soon.)
Additional opportunities to earn HealthFlex wellness incentives in 2014—Wellness Points for health measures, which encourage behaviors for better overall health. (Watch for more information coming soon.)

For Help...
Logging in—call WebMD Customer Service: 1-866-302-5742.
Estimating your 2014 drug costs with Catamaran and calculating what you may want to set aside in your medical FSA—log into the HealthFlex/WebMD site and click on “Catamaran Prescription Drug Cost Estimator” under Consumer Tools to Guide Your Health Care Choices.
For more details about FSAs, read Understanding FSAs on the WebMD login page.
General questions about your HealthFlex benefits—call the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits' Health Team: 1-800-851-2201.
Annual Election for 2014 HealthFlex Benefits
Starts: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:01 a.m., Eastern time.
Ends: Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 11:59 p.m., Eastern time.
*After November 14, you can only make changes for 2014 health coverage or FSAs if you experience certain qualifying events, such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, death, or loss of a spouse's or eligible dependent's health coverage.