Children's Ministry Connection Hosts Creative Workshop Event


Children’s Ministry Connection held their 2nd workshop session of their 2014/2015 school year on Saturday, February 7th, at Griffin First UMC. The event featured writer, Sybil MacBeth, author of Praying in Color, who spoke of how anyone could pray creatively, regardless of artistic talent or age.

MacBeth shared examples of her own prayer drawings. Her process usually begins with write a name, either a name for God or the name of someone she is praying for. From there she doodles abstract shapes, adding color sometimes. This form of prayer is calming, yet allows the body and brain to feel active as images form on the paper.

Workshops included lessons in journaling, practicing faith as a family, ministry with special needs, using technology properly, growing ministry teams, and more.


Many workshops were hands-on, giving attendees more personal insight into appealing to children of all ages and personalities. Kate Morris taught her participants games and activities during her 3rd-6th Grade Agape workshops that gain the attention of children, but also tie into lessons of faith.

Dr. Stephen Mulder, Director of Music and Worship Arts Ministries at Griffin First UMC, spoke of the benefits of pairing children with the right roles in worship. He explained that some children would enjoy singing, while others would rather play a simple instrument in the back.

Both breakfast and lunch was prepared by a supportive congregation who also aided in directing the large group to their workshops throughout the day. Books from both MacBeth and fellow conference writers were available for purchase, and Glisson and Scream Ministries set up tables to share their upcoming opportunities for children. The Federal Credit Union set up an information station, and sponsored both meals.

The day ended with the anointing of attendees, to bless them and strengthen them through their journeys in Children’s Ministries.

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