ELI Equips High Schoolers To Lead, Then Gives Them A Chance


ELI helps 11-12th graders discover strengths, practice leadership, explore calling...

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From Glisson's Thursday Mail Call:

What if instead of saying youth are the future of the Church, we realized they're a key part of its present? What if we gave high schoolers a chance to discover their natural strengths, learn leadership theories, practice leadership skills, and explore their calling? And what if that chance could be two parts: a week-long-immersive experience with peers and mentors followed by multiple weeks of actually getting to lead? What if there were a program specifically designed for rising 11-12th graders to experience all of that? And what if it only cost $145? 

Glisson's sibling ministry, the Experiential Leadership Institute, is just such a program. And while its actual cost to make it possible is $645, thanks to program sponsors, it really does only cost $145 for all accepted applicants in 2015. Apply today for a life-changing summer! Upcoming interviews:

  • March 28th @ Glisson
  • April 25th @ Johns Creek UMC
  • Alternate interview options available by request

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